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Big update here:

- Fixed the lower column bearing
- Put a wood wheel in
- Headliner
- Changed out the steel roof for glass
- Ran wire for bluetooth mic
- AC Charge

Details and pics, just skip the words if you want:

Column bearing was pretty straightforward. I had a spare column with a good bearing in it, so I just unbolted the whole assembly out of that one and put it in my column in situ. Other than the contortion to be able to see under the dash, and taking the coupler apart twice because I forgot the snap ring, not bad. This is the bad bearing, check out how mangled it is.

Wood wheel, easy, since my clock spring was already effed/SRS light on and my signals were already not self canceling with the stock wheel, so that was a straight R&R.

Aaand the headliner. Was supposed to be a simple weekend project, but I'm dumb and bad and so it was a two weekend project because I had to order more material. I didn't take any pics of disassembly to get the board out.

Here it is after I scraped about half the foam off:

And then I didn't lay the material down right, and had to tear it all off and order more, this being the dumb and bad part:

Damaged the board a bit doing the tearoff, but very salvageable:

The sunroof, recovered the shade in that as well. Direct bolt in replacement for the steel roof, elec connections all the same, etc. Only thing is it doesn't have a "stop" so I have to manually position it between vent/closed/slide:

Finally some finished product shots of everything buttoned up:

It didn't come out as well as I had hoped, but this is a drastic improvement to the failed glue. May end up going back to dye the trim pieces gray, but I was ready to be done with this by the time the board was done.

You can't really see the mic for the stereo, I put that in the black space on the windshield, pulled the dash pad and installed the wire there and in the driver's A pillar before I put it all back together.

AC just needed a charge to make cold, we'll see how long it lasts.
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