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Checked the trans ground, it was fine. After doing a bunch of reading I thought I was getting symptoms others reported as ultimately being an ignition switch (turn key, one click, then all the lights go out, then nothing). More of an issue in the heat, etc.

Last year when I had a similar issue, I thought I had an ignition switch issue and swapped it out before I ended up finding the + cable to the battery wasn't really attached well at all. So I disco'd the battery the other day to swap my ignition switch back to the one that came with the car. In doing so, I noticed the crappy aftermarket clamp that was an issue last year had managed to loosen up a bit. I tightened that, as well as swapped the switch, and haven't seen an issue in the 3 starts since doing so.

More to come on that, probably.

While I had my head under the steering wheel I came up with a plan to fix the lower column bearing, which is obviously destroyed. Using the extremely useful thread that dantinne created that troup contributed to, I decided I'm going to take the bearing and its carrier/bracket out of the parts column and attempt to swap it all as a unit. Just need to gather the courage to take the steering apart, looks like maybe its just one bolt to get it separated.
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