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Originally Posted by SABB-story View Post
Piston hit the valves and head. Very slightly....😓 Looks like I'll be searching for a b235 and just freshing it up....
Yah gotta use a 234 gasket, its slightly thicker ( it covers a bit of the water passageway but it still allows enough flow.
I did an enire FAQ on it over on Saabcentral.. Probably here as well somewhere

I'd just replace the valves there, I ran pistons worse than that

from this post:You MUST (emphasis mine) use a 9000 head gasket, it is thicker and necessary to get the proper valve clearance, otherwise you will hit the valves. The 9-5 pistons have valve indents to help here. Don't worry if the headgasket looks like it covers some of the water ports it the head it will still flow fine and get plenty of cooling.

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