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Troubleshooting APC Solenoid.

Hi. I am having a no-boost situation with my son's '93 C900 Turbo. I have chased down and checked a lot of things, and I'm stuck at this point. APC Solenoid doesn't seem to be acting correctly-

I have read the APC troubleshooting guide, but something is unclear:

7. Next check the APC solenoid by applying +12v to it; under power, the solenoid should snap. Check that it is fully functional by removing the vacuum lines from the "W" and "R" ports, and connecting a length of vacuum line to the "C" port. With no power applied, air passed through the "C" port will come out through the "W" port; with power applied, air passed through "C" will come out through "R".
Mine opens both "W" and "R" with power applied. I assume this means that it's failed?

Can anyone please verify?
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