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T7 No Start After Dash Swap

The car is a 2002 9-5 Automatic

Over the holiday, I swapped dash to wrap up an interior swap from tan to black.

Dash looks great, but now the car cranks but won't start. Occasionally it will catch, run for a couple of seconds, and then shut off again.


Radiator fan runs when key is on, and for about 30 seconds after key is out.

Turn signals work, but they don't show up on the instrument cluster

Tech2 shows communication with the DICE only. ALL other I-bus communications, in addition to P-bus communications are "missing"

Radio, SID, ACC, Power mirrors, all work fine. ACC - will display numbers initially, and then eventually will function normally.

I have checked related fuses. I tried disconnecting SID and other I-bus components to try and see if the car would start without them in case of short. The only one I didn't try was the TWICE unit under the seat. No luck

I have no messages that are displayed on the SID. I'm pretty sure I didn't damage wiring as I was very careful during installation, but I suppose anything is possible. Only thing that was swapped was the dash, all other components were reused.

I'm wondering if this a bad DICE or if this may be related to the immobilizer shutting off all communications to Tech II? I've tried the process I've heard of bypassing immobilizer by doing key on, push button on key, then crank. One time it started and shut off again, but not a regularly occurring procedure. No "Key not accepted" notification. I also tried a cycle of locking and unlocking with both the remote and mechanical lock on door. (I've had success with this on the 9000). Remote one wasn't as successful because the remote has always been a little iffy.

I heard from the WIS that if you have this particular problem, you can test for "short" or "open" by using the "night panel" button. Open should dim the odometer, short does nothing to odometer. My test does nothing. But I don't know if there are other issues that can interfere with the night panel / instrument cluster interaction.

Battery is a newish duralast - Tested good and recharged after cranking over and over. No luck with a jumpstart.

Worth mentioning - the OBD II port had a loose ground when I got the car. I've reinstalled the pin to the correct position per the WIS. Not super confident it's perfect, but that's not what is causing my no start.

I've read about other situations with these symptoms related to bad wiring at the instrument cluster, but I don't have a whole lot of experience with checking points in a wiring harness.

Tech II Display:

Instrument Cluster Display w/ Key on (Gearbox light was illuminated before this issue w/ accompanying check engine MIL)


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