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Originally Posted by Trionic3000 View Post
The only difference between the boxes is the differential itself, sized to either fit the smaller base/SE drive shaft splines or the larger 9-5 splines.

If you're opening a box there are consumables, bare minimum you'll need: 5th gear cover gasket, crush sleeve like you wrote, output shaft nut, and likely a set of differential bearings. To set pre-loads correctly you'll likely need some shims for the differential as well as the input shaft, there's a pin holding the 5th gear shift fork and a seal for the shifter input rod that probably should be replaced too.

I've build 3 of these now, I wouldn't attempt it without the factory tool set (or equal). You'll also want the Saab WIS as well as the Chevy Cobalt SS/Saturn Ion Red-line GM version of the instructions as well to get a different perspective/viewpoint on some of the steps.

There are also degrees of "rebuilding" these. The easiest is to start with a known good box and not disturb the input, output or reverse shaft gearsets--and just swap in a new differential (with new bearings/races) sized for Viggen shafts. Then reassemble and set your pre-loads correctly. Setting the pre-loads correctly is not a trivial thing.
Very cool thanks!!!

The box I found is a base 9-3 in good shape. I plan to use the larger differential by quaife for the viggen and I do not plan to rebuild it myself. I don't have the time or tools at the moment and I need to get chop chop on my SPG project.
Thanks again! I believe eeuroparts has a rebuild kit as does Abbott
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