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Steve didn't feel like running it anymore and I haven't had time to support it for years now.

It's a shame too, but the recent folks seemed to be more interested in getting things for free rather than contributing. A lot of people, mostly young kids, have been rude to Steve too.

Plus, the mission has been largely accomplished. No one is getting price gouged $1,100 for a bad stage one tune anymore, and then another $1,100 for an equally bad stage 2 and onward---which was totally the point of the entire endeavor.

There was also the issue of never really having the heart to figure out and implement an effective way to monetize things, in that, the site itself was reliant upon the work of others, so we could never really justify to ourselves that it was okay to take that intellectual effort and make any sort of profit. So we never did. I invested $1000's into it and never saw a dime back...all so that 10 years later the clowns at the New eEuroparts can sell ripped-off/iterative copies using the tools, knowledge, work, and development created through the voluntary effort of 1000's of hours by other people lol.

On the other hand...we deliberately named the site ECUProject with the hopes that we could, sometime down the road, leverage critical mass to branch into efforts aimed at higher volume manufacturers/models. Life gets in the way though, and Steve and I both have pretty good day jobs. As an aside, the name actually came about because a few years previous I had done some work at the South Texas Project, which is nuclear power generation facility.

I could maybe convince him to fire things back up if someone could come up with the skilled labor hours needed to run the thing.
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