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Unhappy 1994 900 Turbo low/no Boost!

Hey all,

I am new the the forum and new the world of Saabs. I got my first Saab last week. It is NG900 Turbo. The car runs and drives pretty great. I noticed that rubber boots on the turbo piping were all cracked and dry and they did not look like they would last much longer. I swapped the intercooler with a used crossflow intercooler off a 9-3. It bolted right up! And I replaced the piping with new silicone hoses. On top of that I put on a forge BOV for the hell of it.

The car pulled like a train when I bought it but now it drives like an NA car!
I have spent the last several days searching forums and trying the solve the issue but I am stuck. I have not been able to locate any air leaks and the vacuum lines all seem to be in order. I tested the BPC valve It seems to be working. The vacuum line to the MAP sensor is good.

Clearly the problem lies with something that I did because It ran great before. The motor idles at 1000rpm and revs all the way. It just climbs really slowly and I feels like there is 3psi of boost or something. The boost needle on the dash will barely make it into the yellow and then go no further. Sometimes it will flutter slightly in the yellow if I have it floored. The car is so slow now I just don't get it.

ANY help is greatly appreciated.

The car has 200k and it runs like a sewing machine, records of oils changes at the dealer and all that.
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