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Wink Door lock stuck, door won't shut

The interior door handle isn't working so we jimmied it up since the clip is
what broke. Now we put the door panel back on and there is an issue with
the door lock. Maybe wiggled it too much putting it back together?
Anyway, the lock the part that holds the door shut is stuck in the lock
position and won't budge. We had the battery cable disconnected, so we
reconnected that, pressed the door lock buttons and we can hear them
moving but nothing is happening!! I have to go to work tomorrow and the
door won't shut! HelP! Also, we disconnected the battery again since the
door won't shut and the cable was way hotter than it should have been.
Any help is tremendously appreciated.

2005 9-3 convertible. I know this isn't the right place to post, but please help anyway.
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