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Ahhhhh so you was the one that got my car, congrats I have wanted another 91 9000 turbo so bad since I lost Big Bertha (my grey on grey 91 9000 turbo with the grey aero wheels, 5 speed) I have been looking for one for about 8 years now and they are all gone (thanks cash for clunkers ) I hadn't been on saabnet in about 3 weeks and I come back to it 4 days ago to see a 91 with sold stamped across it, I almost cried. I guess it was okay because that same day I found an 07 9-5T for $1500 on Craigslist with no problems besides no sound from radio and gas gauge not reading right that I went and got yesterday. I joined just to comment on this when I saw it. Congrats again and I'm glad it's getting the love it deserves. I'm still upset you got my car though
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