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Haha, funny you thought that was me. It was definitely a struggle to not give that seller a call. I'm trying to resist impulse buys these days; my wife doesn't enjoy learning about car purchases after the fact, regardless of how incredible the deal. This car you rescued tho...that is an incredible deal.

As much as I love the style and character of the classic 900s and appreciate the build quality and comfort of the 9-5, a 1991 9000T will always be one of my favorite SAABs of all time. My first 2 9000s, the tally red 1991 9000T and the black 1992 9000T that followed, gave me so many awesome memories that will stick with me forever. It has the analogue feel and road feedback similar to a C900 but with the power and refinement of a car decades newer.

There was a short period where I was faced with which 9000 to drive; my 380hp 9000 Aero is a helluva good time, but I always admired the looks and enjoyed the driving experience of the stock 1991 9000T more.
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