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9Kwrecker's 91 9000T.

I made a snap decision and bought a 91 9000T off of Saabnet a few weeks back. Most of you can just skip the novel and go straight for the pics. I'm putting a desc of the trip here so I can remember it later.

I've been looking for a straight/not rusty 91 9000T for a project for a few years now, ever since a highly unfortunate and stupid accident took out my black 92 9000S. I ended up seeing a Saabnet Facebook post for this car, so I guess thanks Saabnet for constantly bombarding my feed with FS posts.

I started talking to the guy and it seemed like it was a solid car and the price was right. He told me I was 2nd in line, there was one other guy that emailed ahead of me. That guy eventually bowed out and I had my chance. The guy wasn't able to get great pics of it, but from the photos he did send I decided I had seen enough to be willing to make the 1600 mile round trip from Cleveland to outside Minneapolis. I was planning to have the car shipped but my friend suggested we take his truck and trailer instead. No idea why he would make that suggestion.

It was a bit of an epic journey. A friend and I both worked our normal days on Friday, and we left for MN around 8 PM. We drove all through the night, and my first driving leg and first ever time pulling a trailer was driving straight through Chicago. Luckily it was the middle of the night and the traffic wasn't terrible.

We reached the storage place where the car was right around 9:30 AM after driving straight through, only stopping for fuel (gasoline and caffeine).

We pulled in and I could see the unit where the car was open already. The car had no battery in it but the seller pulled the battery from his 9-5 to be able to start it up and move it out of the unit. Once it was out in the sunlight I took a couple laps around it and we started loading it up. We did a test fit of our trailer in Cleveland using a 9000 Aero, but somehow this car was just a hair longer. We had to jam the ramp door into the front bumper a little to get it to shut.

Just before we shut the door:

The journey back was pretty much the same thing as the ride out there, with a few exceptions. Most notably, we stopped for food at Newt's in Rochester, MN. If you ever have the chance, it's worth the stop. We parked the truck on my friend's front yard at 3:30 AM Sunday, 33 ish hours after we left.

This is where the good pictures start, when we got it unloaded and pulled into the shop, and I got my first real good look at the car.

Just rolled it out, there was a bit of a welcoming party at my shop:

Up on the lift right away:

Exhaust behind the cat is new:

Lots of new suspension bits, I didn't get great pics, but most of the rubber is new. All of the engine/trans mounts are new poly, and it feels like it when move it around, vibrates a ton:

Pretty clean in the bay for how old it is:

And here's why I got the car cheap:

I've already ordered some samples to recover the headliner, A pillars, C pillars, and door inserts, they're all loose:

But the seats are very nice (all of them are like this, even the driver's), leading me to believe this car didn't spend much time outside:

Came with a hatch full of parts. Everything to put the dash back together, plus more, including lots of new suspension bits, complete gasket kits, etc:

I just had to wash the dust off. I left it running while I washed it and the lifter tick went away.

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