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Forgot to update this thread.

When I went ahead and replaced this radiator, I ended up ruining one of the cores of the radiator.

It is a beefy radiator and it will take up a little more room in the engine bay and when I was lowering the radiator into the mounting locations, the aluminum core hit the cobra tube in a way where things went south because it got stuck for some reason that I was not able to explain.

Had to opt in for a the auto radiator with the opening for the transmission cooler lines.

Now that I am thinking about things, I want to utilize the openings where the transmission lines are supposed to go.

How hot do the 9-5's run?

I ask thins because I want to set up a separate expansion tank in the rear with a pump that will pump lower temp coolant through that line to provide a little cooling. I Know it sounds weird but it seems like a waste to me to leave that hole open and dry. I think it will corrode faster with it being empty.

What do you think?
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