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Cant post pictures yet cause I couldn't get into my old account (Soab) and I don't have enough posts yet haha

Yeah the 95 looks like it has a funky pilot bearing. The NG900 has the same dimensions as the Rodeo's from what I can tell and matches the measurements I made as well (although now that I go to look up the part numbers the measurements are looking different..), the down side is it only accepts a 9" clutch and I haven't been able to find a clutch that small with the right spline count.

The Thought on the 9k Flywheel was it allowed people to run a 9.5" clutch as an upgrade back in the day, though I'm trying to work with what I've got for now, not really planning on huge power yet, just trying to make it drive first.

In looking briefly on Summit it looks like ACT makes a clutch disk for Subaru/Saab that has a 24T 1" input spline and a diameter of 8.85"

ACT Street Clutch Discs 3000501 on Summit
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