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Originally Posted by Trionic3000 View Post
The GT3076 is a good turbo, but beyond the air inlet piping, something else to consider is the steel oil and coolant lines vs flexible braided hoses.

I haven't found any flexible braided lines that don't wear out over time and use--that's a high heat area. You can insulate flex lines to extend their life, that slows things down, or swap them at some time interval before they fail, but left alone flexible tubing will get hard and crack eventually.

People run adapters with flexible lines all the time, they're not like instant death or anything, but compared to the factory steel lines that don't really wear out for the life of the car, you're adding unreliability and new higher wear/failure items if you go the flex line route.
When I fully decide on the turbo. I will be ordering through Maptun who have a machine place they have their hard lines made by. I asked about that aswell.

The one and major thing I can't wrap my brain around is the cobra delete unless of course the updated cobra is adaptable... I assume to some extent all that is really needed is a stock location turbo and a coupler....?

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