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Checking crankcase pressure under boost

I have oil leaks from both the front and rear of the crank in a viggen motor that was rebuilt not that many miles ago. Before I go through the work of pulling the transmission off to get to the rear main, I want to make sure this isn't just excessive crank pressure.

I've done the glove over the oil filler neck trick, it definitely pulls a good vacuum at idle. And I've pulled off and blown through the various check valves, which seem ok. That's all I can test without making boost. I put the car in the air, cleaned it off, and ran it for a while to see if I could get it to form any new drips, but it doesn't seem to leak at idle, part of why I think it only leaks on boost.

If I had access to a dyno, I could just hook a vacuum gauge into the pcv system and see what happens on a 3rd gear pull. Sadly not an option.

Is there anything else to check before I give up and replace seals?
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