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Originally Posted by Tboy View Post
Don't take this the wrong way, but perhaps you should start with a more standard upgrade path. Swapping in an hx35 is like jumping into the deep end.

I suggest a td04, that sounds right up your alley.
Look man I am starting out with a TD0415t with a stage 3 BCB tune but I have an HX35 for a swap later on down the road. I'm gathering all the parts and info I need now. I'll admit I'm new to Saabs but I've had full resto V8 projects in the past. Installing these parts is not THAT difficult. I JUST NEED TO KNOW WHAT PARTS I NEED and where to find them. My motor is stock but has been freshened up with all new ARP fittings and a stage 3 clutch. The car is more expendable to me than a true Saab Enthuesiast. I should probably need bigger injectors anyways with the Td04. I just need some advice and links. Part numbers ect.. I'm asking very simple questions here. Don't take me the wrong way man but I was hoping the gentleman before you would hit me back with a more detailed response. What size injectors? Part number would be nice. What intercooler do i need? Are there any adapters that would make the custom exhaust more easy.
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