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Originally Posted by g96nt View Post
You're looking at a completely custom setup, here.
You'll need way more fuel, a much better intercooler, and a custom 3" turbo-back.
What manifold are you trying to use?
Thanks for the reply man! I need a manifold with a T3 Flange and External wastegate. sasautocustoms makes a good one. They also have a pretty popular facebook and their website doesn't seem to be untrustworthy. SAAB 900's are T3 flange right? I could source an OEM intake manifold. What size injectors would I need to run? Doesn't the Viggen run bigger injectors from the factory. Can you send me a link for a better Intercooler that won't break the bank? Exhaust is gonna be tough because their are only mom and pop exhaust shops in my area that don't have manderal benders and act all sketchy if you ask them to do something that isn't OEM design or EEA approved. #OHIO This is why I asked if anyone made an aftermarket down pipe since the HX35 is a pretty common swap.
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