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Originally Posted by srp View Post
Very cool.

Maybe I missed the part, but did you give any details as to the performance impact you noticed after swapping?
I didn't test the hood in isolation, sorry. I wasn't very scientific about this. I did rear axle bushings and a thicker rear sway and rear spring perches at the same time as the hood, and last time the track was cool and rainy versus this time was dry/sunny/96F. So even though subjectively the car feels much better to drive now and objectively lap times are ~5 seconds lower than last time I had the car out, which is huge, that's mostly because of weather and secondly because of suspension. I can only guess at how many tenths of a second the weight was worth.

I could cut the aerocatch holes in the metal hood I used to make the mold, take both with me next time, and do a back to back comparison. Or a lot easier and less destructive to that part, I could add the weight difference as ballast somewhere over the front axles to approximate the metal hood and try that.
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