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Originally Posted by Tboy View Post
This is a cool project, interesting read. It seems like you were pretty ambitious starting with a hood though! Maybe scale it down a bit for the first few parts!??! I realize though that for a race car you don't need to remake interior bits and such (that would be small).
You're absolutely right that it would have made more sense to start small. Jumping in at the deep end and struggling is part of the fun for me.

Originally Posted by Tboy View Post
Seems like end the end you had a decent result.
I don't expect the orders to come pouring in.

Yeah, I'm happy with it. It's an ugly hood, but it's MY ugly hood. It opens and closes, doesn't fly off, and it's light, so that ticks all the important boxes.

After a break to forget how much work this was, I'll try making some other parts.
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