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Dual-zone ACC is gay. So are buttons. And, anything electronically controlled.

On the driver's side, how do I get the cover off to access the arm (marked "L" in the .pdf)?

I just got back in from pulling the kick panel down (three T20 screws) and tried resetting the ACC again via pressing OFF+AUTO.

I also tried to turn up the heat, but there is no hot air at all. Engine is up to temp, but it just keeps blowing cold (AC) air on the passenger side, ambient air from the driver's side vents, regardless of either temperature setting (driver at LO thru HI, and passenger at LO thru HI, on any temp.).

There is also no variation in the temperature change on the A/C... only one cold/dry air temp.

It's raining now, so I'm not fucking with that mess anymore. My back is tight and sore from my first ever time at a golf course (played 18 holes... sucked at it all), and I can't twist around anymore to reach up and in that tiny space before I have the urge to punch an immigrant baby.

I can deal with engine/exhaust/suspension DIY stuff, but I fucking hate interior electric voodoo. I've been having the urge to sell this car for a while now, except it gets good MPGs, and the interior is still in awesome(ish) shape.

PS: Thanks for the .pdf Drew, the more pics. I can refer to the better my brain can visualize the situation. I've been reading about babies so much in the last week I can't process words any more.
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