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Play in Front End

Everything suspension wise is, at the most, 15k miles old. I have full polly bushings, and two new control arms (ball joints). When the car is jacked up on one side, and when tugging on the wheel on the steering axis (moving the wheel as if to turn right or left) there is obvious play being taken up. The only original parts front-end wise are the tie-rod ends, and the inner bushings where the tie-rods connect to the rack.

-No motion top-to-bottom (wheel bearing test)
-Ball joint is tight as tested with a pry-bar and visual confirmation
-Tie-rod end seems tight from prying at with a small crow-bar (more force maybe?)
-Stanchion-arm bushing is intact and seemingly in good shape
-The control-arm doesn't seem to move in either the subframe, or where the stanchion arms connects with it. (testing for chewed poly bushings)
-The inner bushings on the tie-rod don't seem to exhibit any play, either.

The only thing is that the passenger-side(LHD) strut mount is dome-shaped, whereas the brand-new strut mount on the other side is mildly convex as it should be.
Could it be a bad strut-mount? It doesn't make any noise, and I've never experienced a failure mode like this involving the strut-mount.
From what I could surmise, it looks like the whole strut is jogging, in addition to twisting with the direction of steering. It honestly feels like the shock piston is worn in its barrel...but I doubt it, as the B8's in the car are ridiculously beefy and have proven to take a savage beating.

I'm totally flummoxed and you wizards figured out that the strut collar was loose before. Please help!
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