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Originally Posted by Drew in Houston View Post
Actually. This is a long shot because it would have to be really bad to cause a massive leak, but I'm going to throw down a guess that it's related to the fuel pump replacement, and whoever did the work messed up the o-ring gasket that seals the top of the fuel pump canister to the tank. It's pretty easy to mess it up. If you fill the tank up the entire way do you smell fuel? Pull up the back seat and remove the access cover, is it wet on the top?

Drew it is the 4cyc 2.3t

And I am willing to bet it you are right. There is a slight odor or fuel I figured it was because I had my supposedly faulty fuel pump in the car in the car to bring back to my regular garage in NY for them to get them warranty on their part. Though I have taken the old fuel pump out of the car and smell is there after driving a bit but not when I start up. I will lift up the seats tomorrow and inspect for wetness tomorrow.

Either way I am limping home to garage back home end of this week luckily I can get a back up car while I am in NY while they try to fix potential problems these two non-specialist garages couldn't fix

The problem last week my shop at home thought it was the DIC. They had a conversation with the garage up by me and were not impressed with them which made me seek out a AAA approved shop. I like their towing their recommended shops are crap

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