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P0455 - My Saab is really going to kill me financially- Now P0455 previous P0300

So I posted last week about car continually cranking but not starting.

The first shop said initial issue was the fuel pump. Mind you the fuel pump was replaced in December 2015 as the car when I bought it had a bad fuel guage so they replaced the pump and the fuel assembly

So I had them replace the fuel pump and car ran for 2days until I got CEL P0455. This code wasn't a big deal with my previous Volvo so I went to drive it as normal hit 50-60% throttle and car boost gauge went crazy and it shut it self off. I then let it sit to try and restart it and the car wouldn't idle and would shut it off by itself. When I was on the side of the road I checked for a new code and only got P0455

Got it towed to second shop AAA recommend. The looked at it in the morning and they only got P0300 CEL. They reattached a hose to the throttle body which came loose, reset code road test and code was gone. They also said spark plugs need to be replaced so I let them do that.

Picked up the car this morning got me too and from work no CEL at all. Went to go out after dinner and CEL light P0455. I took back to second shop and suddenly they are 100% sure they didn't see a P0455 when they checked the car. Didn't visually see any leaks so I left them and will just baby this car.

I am at my wits end with shops in my area none of them are willing to even put in the parts I want in my car. I am ordering genuine Saab parts and I show them and they don't want to touch it

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