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9-5 Running rough and sounds like a Subaru.

Hello hello Saabers. I'm just going to get into it.

On Thanksgiving I was on my way to my GF's grandmothers. Quite a drive away. I took advantage of the no police and no traffic on the road I was highway I was taking. I Gunned it in my 04 9-5 to 130 for a solid 2-3 minutes. After I was slowing down to normal speeds I noticed my car vibrating. When I got to the toll, that is when the car sounded like a Subaru and was misfiring like crazy.

When I arrived to the GF, I took out the plugs to do a quick diagnosis. Cylinder 4 spark plug had melted and cylinder 1 spark plug was covered with a little bit of oil mostly on the threads. I left the car there over night and returned with all new plugs. Car still sounded like a Subaru. Went to the nearest scrap yard and scrounged a Genuine Saab Black DI. Swapped it out and the car still sounded like a Subaru (Misfiring) Babied the car home and went to the Junk yard after to pick up some fuel Injectors and a Mass Airflow. Upon trying to take the fuel rail out I noticed that the vacuum line at the FPR looked like it was chewed through. I replaced that line and replace the injector in cylinder 4 and the Mass airflow meter and the car still sounds like it's misfiring.

I checked all of the lines and I did not see any other chews or disconnects. Did not see anything so I assumed that the head gasket was blown or my turbo charger is blown. I just need to be certain that there isn't anything I missed.

What do you guys think happened?
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