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0106: Unplug the MAP sensor at idle. If no change look for the hose from there to the manifold. If motor changes clean the MAP.
0440: Remove the Purge Valve and shake it. You should hear a rattle.
1300: Almost always the DIC is failing. They are cheap in the US, not so much elsewhere. You must get an OEM unit however made by Wells. However, you, and most of those in the forum, don't bother to tell us your location.
1st thing: Disconnect you Neg Battery Terminal for 15 minutes to clear your codes.
Aliment is a specialty shop issue. Google "Saab 9 5 rear shims" and you will learn all about it.
You need to do a very through visual inspection of all hoses. Many of your issue seem vacuum related. Any competent tech can do a smoke test.
I would also recommend a new Crank Position Sensor.

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