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Two Project Cars

Well i happened to stop by a dealer near me, and he had a few Saab's out front, as i was looking at them he took me to a side yard where he had 4 Saab 9-3 Converts, all se and 2002 or 2003, and all 4 of them had engine knock, they ran and drove, just sounded unhealthy. I bought two of them, a 2003 (Powder blue, very clean 90K miles automatic) has a lot of options, really nice car and a 2002 5Spd, with the Viggen kit, double y rims, and brand new tires midnight blue, spoiler 120K miles, also very clean, has a few dings, dents, they are both very clean underneath. I have a 99 9 3 turbo Sedan, and a 2001 9 3 convert parts car, both with engines that run great, going to swap them, are there things i should do while the motors are out, the are both higher miles One has 177K and the other one has 185K, i was thinking of perhaps swapping in a 2.3 on these, but that would be a project i would like to save for winter, so just to get these on the road during our short summer season, i thought of replacing the timing chain and guides, check or replace the seals, i was advised to leave the head gaskets alone if there are no issues (is this something i should do while the engine is out)
Anyway i do not want to write a book, thanks
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