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Sorry for disappearing since then, been worrying about rentals and borrowing cars and such...... Anyways, thanks for all the advice guys. I think I may take the deal and then save the Viggen for later. I can do my own wrenching, just not now lol.

To answer the question on Location, I am in Chepachet RI (top left corner of the state)

To answer the question of how certain I am. TBH I am not, however the saab mechanic I took it too seemed positive it was. But regardless if it were a head gasket it would be easier for me to fix it up for a fun little weekend car, or back up. Its the black 4dr so I imagine it isn't as desired as a coupe or the lightning blue colored.

Once again Thank you all for the help, and the story of my "new" project car shall continue lol.
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