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To fit a 2.3T in an 2.0t 1999 9-5

So Iīm thinking about this change and I have 2 option in the table....

1 - do I make a full repair in my car ( the 2.0t with 192bhp ) with 200000km and then tune it with a stage 1 or 2

2 - put in an 2.3T with 140000km and tune it to the stage 1 at least??

I know that the 2.3T engine isnīt a strait foward swap.... because the EVAP sistem and the valves in the fuel tank arenīt the same and have to be "deleted" in the ECU tune.... and i donīt like it...

But if I go ahead with it... is there any more changes to be expected?
I know i have to buy the intake piping ( Mitsu vs Garrett )

Is the 2.3T swap worth it?? 2.3T stage 1 vs 2.0T stage 1 or 2 ??

Please help me decide....

Thanks in advance....
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