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Unhappy 2010 SAAB 95 Aero XWD

I have been having intermittent electrical outages with my SAAB. The car has 48k miles and in immaculate condition. Problem list:
1- At times regardless of weather conditions, I can see minor flickering of instrument panel lights. Other times it would be severe enough to restart the GPS system and minor stall in the engine while driving.
2- Today, as I parked the car and turned it off; everything went blank: I could not use the remote to lock unlock or open the trunk.
The only thing that will get it going is to reset the battery by removing the neg and the pos terminal for 2 sec and everything goes back to normal.
I already installed new battery AC Delco 48 AGM and voltage reads 15.2V. Alternator checks fine.
When the above mentioned problem does not occur, car drives great.
Dealer states ignition switch?? Is that possible on these models. I thought that was a problem of older models.
Please any input would be greatly appreciated.
Kind regard
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