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El Diablo Possessed Me

El Diablo cutting heads for a Sawzall that is...
Transmission bushing NO CUTTING how-to - SaabCentral Forums
Attempted this job and after hours of beating the shit out of the slide hammer, including with a weird sling system, as well as a slingshot system with a crapload of bungee chords, I gave in and loaded up a Sawzall El Diablo metal cutting blades to got that effing bushing out...worked well, too well. I ended up cutting the actual bearing race about 1mm deep near the inside, tapering off to a surface graze near the outside. I then pressed in the new bushing over it.

Will this structurally compromise the bearing to the point where it is dangerous?
How bad did I screw it up?
BTW, it made a HUGGGE difference in play in the front axle...nice-n-tight now.
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