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Originally Posted by Harvey's Autohaus View Post
The second one you listed barley works as well as a stock actuator. The first one works but doesn't fit a t7 car very well. The correct actuator is usually a red Kinu unit & has variable springs available. "its Basicaly a Forge knockoff" Message kinu directly for the correct actuator for your set up.

The black generic mhi clone Turbocharger Forged Adjustable Actuator Mitsubishi Greddys TD04H w 5 Spring | eBay
Ok I have t5 does it matter for the one you linked? I didnt come across that one on my searching. Seems like the better choice to go with anyways since it comes with all the springs. I also like how it can be slid around in the bolt holts for the wastegate actuator. IM running a 9000 wg and have it bent slightly to fit. Im thinking I may go with the one you linked. I assume this is the one that people usally run on our cars?
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