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whinning sound

hello I have a 2003 saab 95 aero
the other day after we had a cold spell and I just replaced the DIC and the CPS I turn on my car and I heard of winding or whining sound and when I pushed on the accelerator it increased a bit but no performance issues. I thought it was one of the pulleys so I sprayed some liquid on the belt and I briefly diminished the sound. But it wouldn't stay away even with the engine at temperature this sound persist. So my step dad he thought it might be the idler tensor so we replace that. Get this down sound is still there he Nick said it was the alternatorsuggested it was the alternator at first toosuggested suggested it was thebaltenator to but I didn't have the cash for a new alternator at the time. But today I ordered a new one and it should be here in 2 days. Anyways is there any way I can check before installing the new alternator if its coming from another part of the belt system I don't want to replace alternator one it's not bad I also heard it could be the water pump. But theres no leaking or over heating
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