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Ah, yes, that question _had_ to come up!
Well, in Sweden we have _a lot_ of taxes on gas.
2004-01-01 the price of 1 litre of 95RON was 2.85SEK
Adding to that: 2.551SEK energy tax
Adding to that: 2,009SEK CO2 (carbon dioxide) tax
Upon these 3 you put on 25% sales tax!
Total price is: 9,26SEK/litre

I´ll translate to US units:
1 gallon of 95RON is $1.48
Adding $1.32/gallon in energy tax
Adding $1.04/gallon in CO2 tax
Adding 25% sales tax (observe, we pay sales tax on taxes!)
Totalling at $4.8/gallon

So you see, the price is about the same, difference is that we pay so much to the goverment!
Talks are in progress in the goverment to rise tax on gas considerably. The price of 95RON is likely to reach $6.2/gallon or more in a few years.

Adding to these costs are car tax, about $2-300/year unless you own a car with diesel engine in which case you pay about $8-900/year (diesel cars are considered more polluting, so that´s why you pay higher taxes).
And you have the yearly checkup, about $40 (required, otherwise you´re not allowed to drive your car).
You gotta have insurance, I have a good bonus so my car is about $500/year in insurance. The price differs depending on where you live, your age and so on. Owning a og900 turbo-16 in Stockholm, being under 26 years of age you might be looking at $2000/year or more...

So, many people in Sweden consider cars to be luxury. On the other hand we have good commuting capabilities and if you live in a moderatly big city, chances are, you won´t need a car!
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