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Originally Posted by Drew in Houston View Post
I'm biased, but I like the 9-3 SE's a whole lot. The B205R is really smooth, and because it's an SE it gets the Viggen treatment with identical turbo and cross flow intercooler. 30mpg, stout 5-speed manual transmidsion, tons of room (still a hatchback)....It'll never handle well compared to cars that really handle well, but some mods can improve things. Their sweet spot is being good reliable utilitarian transportation with leather and heated seats and some surprisingly stout 50-70 passing acceleration.
Totally agree! I am looking for an SE myself to replace my recently sold Viggen
I would love another Viggen, but oh well! I would say try the 9-3 Se, you should like it, I switched from c900's and have never looked back.
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