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Back in the day, I had a 99 notch, a 99 combi, 99 5 door and a later 90.

My 9-3's handle better, are quieter, quicker but point blank, the bodies are not as stiff and solid. They handle better but don't offer the incredible feedback to the driver that the earlier ones did.

My 9-5 has the solid feel of the older SAABS, but feels even more numb than my 9-3's even if it's got the superior suspension.

The earlier SAABS had character, the later ones personality. Which is better? Personal choice.

Still, given the chance to build what I wanted, I'd build a 99 Combi with a mostly C900 dash and interior with a later B204 turbo --- IF I could find a transmission that would hold up in that combination. I can only dream!
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