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oil light occasionally at idle, at first drive of day

I've had an oil light coming on for a few seconds, usually during the
first drive of the day in warm, not hot, weather, nearly warmed up,
after moderate revs and then moderately hard braking, at just above
idle, as it's dropping to idle. . The oil sump has a few carbon
granules (probing/scooping with a long popsicle stick), but I mean a
few....wouldn't say it is sludged up. I added an oil pressure gauge
via an oil filter sandwich adapter and the pressure there seems fine, if
not high.....that is, after warming up, ~22 psi at idle (1000 rpm), and
pins the gauge at 80 psi at about 3500 rpm. Cold, it is much higher of
course....40 psi at idle and pins the gauge at about 2000 rpm. My
question is, how reliable is the oil pressure reading taken at the
sandwich adapter (before the filter, not after as would be
preferred)....reliable enough to say oil pressure is fine? Details:.
running Mobil1 0-40w, 1999 9-3 SE with B204L engine, 234k. I'm
changing oil at 5000k but I don't know the history prior to the 3 years
I've owned it. Engine sounds fine, smooth & quiet, no tappet noise.
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