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Replaced waterpump... still leaking

Hi all,

I just spent 10 hours today attempting to replace a leaking waterpump. Lots of little issues sprung up along the way, hence the project taking up the whole day, but now it looks like the car is going to have to come apart again

I replaced the pump due to a leak at the shaft, which presumably has been cured by the new pump, but I now have a leak at the connection from the waterpump to the block.

Does anyone have any tips for seating the waterpump properly? I have a feeling one or both o-rings (on the piece connecting the pump to the block) didn't seat right. It was very difficult for me (and my jacked, weight-lifting younger brother) to press the waterpump into place against the block, and I don't think it was seated fully when I began bolting it back in. I assumed that bolting it in slowly and carefully would ensure that everything seated properly, but I guess not.

So any tips? Am I missing something? Thanks in advance.
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