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Well I went ahead and had the "sump service" done at Sports Car Service in Wilmington, DE, along with a comprehensive inspection, 4 tires mounted and balanced, and an alignment etc.

The sump and pan were in excellent condition, as was underneath the timing cover - no sludge at all, just "varnish" which they did clean out. At least I know now. And their price was fair, and included the oil change etc.

Kudos to fellow member Bullseye for keeping and maintaining a great car - the shop owner, service advisor, and the mechanic who worked on it all commented on the condition of it, saying it is one of the nicest they have seen - ever....

No other issues were found. The car drives much better after the new tires and alignment (toe was out).

Did i have the sump service done prematurely? Maybe. But I couldn't not know the condition of it with respect to possible sludge after looking so long for and finding such a nice example - it wouldn't have been doing the car justice not to have it done...
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