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9-5 LPT Tuning Kit

Hey guys, long time no see, I've been out of the Saab game for a little while, but I might be getting back into it very soon:

My friend has a 2000 9-5 LPT wagon he wants me to buy.

This post is about something that comes with the car, a new in box tuning kit for 2000 LPT automatic cars. Unfortunately, I forgot to take a pic of it or write down the p/n so I'm having trouble researching it. But the box contains a computer, 4 spark plugs, and a little badge that says "2.3 turbo" that goes on the shroud around the dipstick in place of the stock "2.3t".

Have any of you 9-5 guys seen or heard of this kit, or maybe even installed one?
I'm wondering how much power it will add over the stock 170. Search didn't really turn anything up.
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