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Need tech 2 in Green bay, W.I. (help) (pay)

Anybody in the area have a tech 2 ?
I have 2001 saab, that i lent to a friend. got it back and it will not start. Tried to hit the buttons on key when ign is on, to see how many keys are programmed. This didnt work at all. Even when the key is out i get a clicking from a relay under passenger seat.

car used to start and run perfect. changed batt in key remote.
I tried 2 keys.
tried another antenna around key ring.
Running out of options and really need to drive this car.

I am will to pay someone to come scan/ Reprogram a key.
I will be getting a different twice unit with key and barrel.
please saab community help this 2001 se convert get back on the road.
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