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you mean you re-gained "a ton" of power
did you check openSID or some other logging tool to notice the intermittent failure?

The PFS kit, is that their "BIG-SAAB95" kit? It's 624 EUR so that's more like 860 USD plus shipping I'd figure another 100-200 and maybe even customs... So.... not as good as a deal as you make it, imho.

Also the IC hose kit that came with your PFS kit is already 330, the IC is 430 if you buy them separate.. yes, that's Euros. The ETS is only 560$ or so at GS... that's 410 Euros, which is CHEAPER than the PFS "do88"... what- or whoever that is Plus shipping (ETS being in the US, PFS in EU).

That said.. How do you like it? If it wasn't as expensive, I would consider it..

edit: I stand corrected, seems to be a reputable manufacturer for EU parts..
also the kit on PFS is 100 Euro cheaper than on themselves.

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