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Originally Posted by Saabeh View Post
Theoretically they could all be very similar
Right here's ↑ the part that makes most sense to me.

Until someone goes in there and improves/manipulates the actual machine coding, and knows and appreciates what re-compiling might mean, everyone, and I mean everyone, is just messing around within the constraints allowed and designed by the original guys. And believe it, it's difficult to even get close to the level of refinement achieved by the original guys. Especially when you start talking on/off transient responses, compensations, etc.

All these big-head "tuners" running around have probably never even seen a real engine test lab, let alone even know that things like cold rooms exist, let alone step foot inside one to do any real measurements on anything. Truth is, I wouldn't let any of those guys, except maybe Nick at Genuine Saab, touch any of my cars. He's not degreed as far as I know, but I've met the man and he has the snap and initiative to educate himself and also takes the correct methodical data driven approach, and has also shown understanding and commitment by investing in real equipment to get some type of quantitative idea about what he's messing with.

It's really interesting and cool seeing how this whole thing has played-out, some of it predictable, other things not so much. The effect of making the barrier-to-entry so incredibly low that it created a whole cast of script-kiddie-tuners strutting around like a bunch of little roosters, actually selling "tunes" for money(!), was something I don't think anyone considered or planned.

But, you know, it's out of the box now, and it sure did fix the price gouging problem lol (as well as the quality of tunes available).
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