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Originally Posted by DrewP View Post

Hopefully it comes with remotes for the alarm, if the alarm is active and you lose a remote it's problematic to deal with.

Good luck.
thanks.!! ill be sure to do my best scoping out the entire thing..
as for the alarm situation tho.. i know that on my other car (94 900SE 3 door) i dont have an actually fob with the lock/unlock buttons all i have is the key. when i put the key in to lock the door both doors lock and the first turn is just lock but if i turn the key completely to where it stays the alarm will activate. then i just put the key in and unlock doors will open and alarm is off with no problems. it was also the same on the 02 9-3se 5 door i had no fob but acted the same.
is a fob absolutely necessary.? ive never had one for any of the cars i had...
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