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Make sure the top goes up and down smoothly at least a few times, the electric motor drive parts to fix the top and tonneau cover are expensive. Make sure the tonneau cover latches correctly over the stowed top.

The front suspension design is pretty compliant, it's common for them to track over bumps, but if it wanders or shimmies or shudders excessively it could need a fair bit of work to tighten it back up. The front lower control arms are expensive.

Hopefully it comes with remotes for the alarm, if the alarm is active and you lose a remote it's problematic to deal with.

Make sure all the lights and electrical accessories work, and the serpentine belt, timing and balance shaft chains, and bottom end of the engine are quiet when the engine is idling.

The turbo gage should boost smoothly and hold at the end of the yellow part of the gage.

Good luck.
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