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Okay so as of now I have one major issue figured out but the other is on the table.

The transmission is shot and I'm not interested in rebuilding it. Also I think it needs a clutch cable(feels terrible)

The issues I'm still looking into is the engine, so far I've drained and strained the oil, no metal flakes in it. Popped the spark plugs out, besides that the car was ram rich on gas because of a bad vacuum line they look good and there is no markings on the pistons. Took the valve cover off, the timing chain is solid, has no play in it and all the chain guides are in excellent shape, that whole area was very clean too for how black the oil was, no sludge at all. Tested each piston with the car running to see if the noise was possibly only on one cylinder, it wasn't sound stayed the same across the line. Guess the next thing is to do bearings? If it is just bearings could that cause smoking? Or is that most likely rings?
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