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Finally got the car on a lift here yesterday(its been way to cold these last two weeks to be working on anything outside) made my list of everything that needs to be taken care of for inspection if I decide to continue fixing up this car. Also reattached the one front lower engine mount that had a bolt missing from it. Narrowed the no reverse issue down to the shifter linkage, wanted to make sure before i ordered a new one. Took care of the turbo issue possibly, now hopefully someone can fill me in on if this might have done any long term damage.

I discovered that the PO had screwed around with the BPV? valve and instead of having it hooked up they had a vacuum line going from the wastegate right into the turbo. I got some new lines, found the valve dangling under the headlight and reattached everything properly. Also replaced all the other lines in the car, resolving another issue of the car running to rich. Took it for a test drive and the turbo spools and hold pressure very well in all ranges and gear and I noticed a significant less amount of smoke coming from the car now.

But its still smoking, and it makes a clacking noise around 3 thousand rpm, around 4 thousand it goes away. It sound like it might be the engine? Im kinda scared I bought a toasted car now. It doesn't do it at all unless its around 3 thousand rpm otherwise it sounds really strong and it runs really good. Doesn't stutter or anything when its making the noise either, hopefully someone can help point me in the right direction. Best I can describe it is the sound it makes is almost the same as when a cv joint is going bad and.

Oh heres some pics, over the body is in great shape.

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