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My 94 SE Turbo Build/Bring Back To Better Condition Thread.

Well once again I've purchased another Saab, but instead of a 5th 9000 I decided on a 1994 900 SE Turbo 3dr, found the car on craigslist for a good price and somewhat local and decided to go for it. Pics will come soon. Anyways I wish I would have done a thread for my 9000 when I bought it, even if no one looked at it would have been nice to keep track of it. So I decided to make one for this car, will note I'm on a budget and this will be nothing more interesting then seeing a neglected car be cleaned up into something presentable, so with out further ado....

-94 Turbo in metallic(or what was metallic sometime in the late 1990s) green.
-5 speed manual.
-121200 miles.
-Almost stock except for a fart can type muffler that actually doesn't sound half bad.

-I believe the turbo is dying, smokes a lot, doesn't sound very good. Was looking into either having a place called rebuild it for 350 dollars, anyone use them? Or installing if it will work okay my tdo4 off my 9000 Aero engine.
-Replace Shift linkage with updated version, car doesn't like reverse to much atm.
-Replace drivers side mirror.
-Go over entire car with new vacuum lines, fresh plugs, filters, and fluids after turbo is taking care of. Also either replace or turn brake rotors as they feel horrible.
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