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2007 9-5 wagon getting horrible city mileage

I drove a 97 900 Talladega for 10 years, and loved it.
Two weeks ago I sold the Talladega and bought a 9-5 wagon to accommodate my growing family. 110,000 kms, looks great.
I live in a residential neighborhood in downtown Toronto. Lots of stop signs and stop lights.
Still, I was shocked to see how much gas this car was using. When I refilled the first quarter tank, I averaged just over 10 mpg. No check engine light. I took it back to the dealer, and they adjusted the spark plug gaps, and swapped out the mass air flow sensor, and said they were then getting around 19 mpg on the SID display driving on city roads around the dealership (which are much longer blocks, far fewer stops or lights). They sent they even sent out two drivers with different driving styles.
Took it home, filled it up again, and averaged 12.5 mpg on the first quarter tank.
Am I doomed to get horrendous mileage, or can something be done here? (It's 15% worse gas mileage than my 16-year old Talladega was getting).
I haven't taken it out on the highway to see how it fares - I thought I'd do that tomorrow night.
Thanks for any help!

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