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Originally Posted by tapper View Post
Only thing that'd cause no starts is if one of your air ducts is loose.... check the seals/clamps on everything including the intercooler end you think you may not have touched there's gotta be a leak... make sure the big hoses are as far as they go and super duper freakin tight-----

If you installed it properly you should have done the priming procedure that involves disabling fuel and cranking it over half a min.... did you do this this and remember to replace relays/fuses??
Tapper makes a good point if you did it right step by step you should've pulled these check to make sure you put them back all the one and that none of them have an issue. If you don't see this as a problem or you didn't pull any of them then check to make sure everything is hooked up tight. Check to make sure the gasket is set correctly and its not leating from there or if its blocking the air flow. Then check all your pluming.
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